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Magic Streets: The GPS realm

Magic Streets v1.1.38 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

1.1.38 by The location based RPG games developer (Geo GPS)
(0 Reviews) October 18, 2023
Magic Streets: The GPS realm Magic Streets: The GPS realm Magic Streets: The GPS realm Magic Streets: The GPS realm Magic Streets: The GPS realm Magic Streets: The GPS realm

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October 18, 2023
The location based RPG games developer (Geo GPS)
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Magic Streets Mod APK builds a network of cities one after another with the strict protection of immortal warriors.
You will be taken to a fantasy road full of magic and fiery battles when you activate Magic Streets. Join forces with other brave citizens to save the city. You have to face unprecedented dangers and fight in an intense war. You need to find a haven and give yourself a fighting chance. Making a name for yourself with heroic feats is difficult in the face of giant animals. Each player can bring their arsenal of weapons and players to clear the way for the upcoming war.


Turn-based game mode, each side will have a turn to act in the Magic Street. Continue to deliver powerful blows to take down the cold monsters. Monsters can and should defend themselves because attacks are made turn-based. They have also been meticulously crafted over time, so handling them will be easier if you’re confident in your abilities. You must perform magic moves, like a hard punch to the face, to lower your opponent’s health bar. Since there is a time constraint, you must complete your mission as soon as possible. Boss battles will always be important in this city, so don’t underestimate your opponents.

You will make significant progress if you can eliminate the boss’s minions. It would be best if you always prepared thoroughly for the confrontation with the final boss. To respond successfully to any situation, reasonable precautions must be taken. Even if you fight day and night, you still must dress appropriately. When you put on the uniform, you not only show your mettle but also advance in rank. When attacked, you must react well and fight hard. A turn-based RPG of this type will put both the player and the opponent to the test.


Magic houses of all sizes are springing up on the streets as people search for a place to stay. A community is built from the ground up, and its inhabitants can go wherever they want. These towers will expose you to different places without actually going to them, and this helps the army in its attempt to capture the entire area. Before building the castle, you must first collect materials and save people. For your services, you will be rewarded in kind. In a conflict, you should use the terrain to your advantage by moving toward your opponent or ally.


Making friends with strangers can help you expand your network in the city. This is your chance to work with the best individuals imaginable, so go out and protect the town. Feel the mood created when many players are scattered in different places. To be successful at work, you can start talking to strangers. You are the target of a series of assassinations carried out by covert operations. Each day, work with your team to complete the daily tasks and achieve some necessary moves. Each character’s talents and strategies work together to ensure success. Make friends and join a group to fulfill the monster’s intentions.


All players’ personalities can be customized, from their hair to their weapons. Choose a common interest with each potential companion that you believe will benefit their lives. As your level increases, your ability to collect more goods also increases. No need to worry about failure; keep practicing and improving until you can face the opposition confidently. Magic Streets offers advanced weapons and a wide range of high-quality safety equipment. If standing in front of an opponent, you can counterattack without fear of being nerfed. Those items keep you in command of the clan and bring you closer to victory. Do your best to get more opportunities to showcase your best themes.

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