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Mergeland v3.20.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

3.20.0 by LiliJoy
(0 Reviews) October 14, 2023
Mergeland Mergeland Mergeland Mergeland Mergeland Mergeland

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October 14, 2023
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More About Mergeland

Ever combined elves in a video game? In the Mergeland Mod APK, you may drag and combine ANYTHING to make a fantastic world!
Mergeland recreates the upheavals in the lives of cute creatures on a cloud island. Players will learn fascinating stories about the rebirth of powerful dragons. You’ll have an interesting trip touring all the islands, looking for ways to combine items. You are also responsible for hatching eggs to increase the number of dragons. To prevent the return of evil fairies, you must complete the game’s requirements. This land will be saved once more by magic. You will be chosen to guard the creature’s and the island’s beauty and loveliness.


Mergeland will tell the player the story of the island’s demise before assigning missions. After experiencing this story, you will discover the solution to your problems. The player must construct a structure for each creature on the island, and they will continue to live and generate bonuses for you. Players must monitor the island’s areas daily to ensure no events are missed. You will take turns selecting and combining over 200 creatures, and they will be strewn about in arenas shaped like chess boards. To make a new item, players must combine three existing ones. They will assist you in amassing a more diverse collection of items. During missions, players can also find unique patterned eggs.

On the island, players face an extreme crisis scenario. To begin a new life, you must clean up the wreckage of the war. You will have to solve over 300 puzzles to earn more rewards. The system will display their requests for you to fulfill on the screen. There is no time limit on any mission. After the puzzle and merge process, you can own over 400 items or creatures. The player can train each creature to be useful in battle. They will help you improve the strength of your army with each item. You will upgrade creatures one by one to create the most powerful battle squad. As a result, the island will always be prepared to face any challenge.


Your power is also used to transform the island into a beautiful and vibrant place. Mergeland has over 600 quests for each player. During the island’s recovery, you will do them in turn. Each mission will be a step forward in the plan to resurrect the magical world. To avoid confusion, the system will mark the tasks as completed. Daily activities necessitate that players complete tasks within 24 hours. Players can switch between the arena, the research room, and the dragon island. Hundreds of adorable creatures can be found here. This area will be repaired according to the preferences of each individual. You are free to design your campus.

Mergeland ushers in a new era for the magical world’s inhabitants. Players will use special abilities to help the island recover. You have returned from the wars and are ready to upgrade the island’s defenses. Collecting eggs or a random combination of dragons with abilities will result in the creation of creatures. Players must pay to construct more dragon houses and playgrounds. Unified games will always provide new opportunities for player development. Furthermore, high-difficulty missions can earn you a lot of coins. We are always ready to add new content to improve your experience.

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