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Remixlive - Make Music & Beats

Remixlive MOD APK v7.6.2 (Premium Unlocked)

7.6.2 by Mixvibes
(0 Reviews) October 21, 2023
Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Remixlive - Make Music & Beats Remixlive - Make Music & Beats

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October 21, 2023
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More About Remixlive - Make Music & Beats

Remixlive Mod APK is a music creation application with diverse sounds that users can use and create impressive products.
Remixlive makes it simple for users to learn how to be great remixers. We share with you tools that can generate sound. The songs will be listened to and remixed to create a mix that millions will enjoy. You will begin the system-provided audio training. These tools will enable users to become music producers or DJs quickly. With the notes, you can create the ideal performances to enjoy and entertain.


Users can begin by developing personal projects. You may adjust it to ensure a proper fit in each tone. The system has locked user projects with others in the same tone in this update. The UI in the Tempo menu has changed due to advancements in both syncing and content locking. When the user makes a request, all tracks are played back. You won’t waste time waiting for the system to upload the content you’re working on. Your projects will be kept in a secure location to ensure your privacy. Users wilMAKE EXCITING MUSIC
In Remixlive, Key and Tempo are enabled to accompany your composition. Impressive tracks with up to 48 loops are played. All activities occur in real-time. Users can change the keys and BPM to achieve speed and tone. Vibrant musical instruments such as drums, mixers, and rhythm makers are permitted. The application generates a mixing board with all relevant drafts for the user to shape with professional-grade FX. As a result, users have complete creative freedom to become top-notch stylists. Users can link and create new songs by assembling components in stages. The audio is uploaded from the device or recorded live.
l keep their products private unless they share them with the community.Users can define their favorite music styles from more than 20 genres available on Remixlive. In addition to the manual sound creation activities, there are 26000 more samples to explore. These templates will be reworked to look more modern and ready to be saved as your creations. Well-known music producers, for the benefit of users, create them. The system distributes them for free; you will not be charged additional fees for using these templates. To keep the message board fresh, we always update the music trends of young people. Users can access a fantastic workspace ideal for creating high-quality audio clips.


Remixlive can create hundreds of tracks based on your specifications. We will be a unique resource for users in their quest to become the world’s best music producer. You can collaborate with great music creation tools and well-known producers. The system allows you to save samples in various formats, including MP3, WAV, AAC, and M4A. Users can interact directly with the intuitive controls on the device screen. You can also connect to MIDI controllers to make the working process easier. Existing songs will be remixed with new rhythms. Users can use AI Stem to split tunes and match them to beats they believe fit. Mixes will be distributed directly via Ableton Link. This is the best connection method for sharing and analyzing sounds with your friends.


1. Virtual pads: users can trigger samples, loops, and live recordings using a grid of virtual pads
2. Sample library: the app includes a library of pre-loaded samples and loops that can be used in productions
3. Recording: users can record their own samples and loops to use in productions
4. Effects: the app includes a variety of effects that can be applied to samples and loops, such as delay, reverb, and filtering
5. MIDI support: users can connect external MIDI controllers to the app to control it
6. Social sharing: users can share their creations on social media platforms
7. Collaboration: users can collaborate with other users in real-time
8. Cloud synchronization: users can save and sync their projects across multiple devices using cloud services

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