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Pokémon GO v0.285.1 MOD APK (Menu: Teleport, Joystick & More)

0.285.1 by Niantic, Inc.
(0 Reviews) October 21, 2023
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October 21, 2023
Niantic, Inc.
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More About Pokémon GO

New! You may now engage in battles against other players of Pokémon GO Mod APK online! Participate in the GO Battle League right away!
Pokémon GO Mod Apk is a brand new arcade game that brings players to the boundary between the real and virtual worlds. With a completely new gameplay mechanism that integrates with the navigation system and mobile device’s camera, players can go everywhere to find and catch pokemon all over the city. The game has created a global craze for such a period of time that it has become so famous that no one is unaware. Are you a pokemon lover? Try your hand at this game now to find and catch these magical animals.


The game has a gameplay mechanism that has never been seen before, and actually, this mechanism has worked very effectively, bringing high efficiency to entertainment. You will manipulate everything in the game through your phone camera with the surrounding landscape. The pokemon seem to exist right in front of you, where you are standing, and the landscape appears right behind. You can manipulate a few requirements to be able to collect the pokemon you find to add them to your massive collection.

The remarkable ability to bring the real world into the game is why the game has become extremely popular among players worldwide. Now the game has appeared with many improvements that are worth you experiencing and collecting rare pokemon for yourself. But be careful, don’t look too much at the phone, but pay more attention to the road to avoid problems because the game is highly addictive. Please play Pokémon GO properly and for wholesome entertainment.


The pokemon do not suddenly appear in front of you, but they appear everywhere on the game map for you to search. Talking about the game map, it was developed in parallel with other map developers, allowing us to provide extremely accurate information. You need to open the map and try to find the pokemon you need everywhere. After choosing the pokemon, you need to hunt and get there quickly so that other players can’t compete with your achievements.

As for how you can catch these pokemon into the sphere, we will have to do some simple operations to be able to suck these pokemon inside. You have to accurately throw the ball at the pokemon in front of you if you want to catch them, but note that it is not just a hit that you can capture them. There are many pokemon that you cannot capture easily.


The pokemon in the game is very diverse in type and rarity based on many different factors. Proportional to the anomaly is the stubbornness these pokemon show by going against you. You usually can collect popular pokemon easily, but for this pokemon, you need a little more luck to be able to capture them. You can show your achievements to your friends and bring them higher ranks on the leaderboard. Your collection will gradually be filled with exciting pokemon, set out and hunt them to compete with other players.


1. Augmented Reality: Players can experience capturing, battling, and training virtual Pokémon in the real world using their smartphone cameras and GPS.
2. Map View: A map view shows the player’s current location and nearby Pokémon, PokéStops, and Gyms.
3. Capturing Pokémon: Players can catch Pokémon by using Poké Balls, which can be obtained from PokéStops or bought in the in-game shop.
4. PokéStops and Gyms: PokéStops are locations in the real world where players can collect items, such as Poké Balls, eggs, and potions. Gyms are where players can battle their Pokémon against other players’ Pokémon.
5. Eggs: Players can hatch Pokémon from eggs obtained from PokéStops. The eggs will hatch after the player walks a certain distance, which is determined by the type of egg.
6. Trading: Players can trade Pokémon with other players.
7. Battles: Players can battle their Pokémon against other players’ Pokémon at Gyms. Battles are turn-based and allow players to use a combination of quick and charge moves to defeat the opponent’s Pokémon.
8. Team Instinct, Team Mystic, and Team Valor: Players can join one of three teams and battle for control of Gyms with players on other teams.
9. Events: Niantic regularly holds in-game events that offer players the chance to catch special Pokémon or complete special challenges for bonuses.
10. Friends List: Players can add friends and send gifts to each other, including Poké Balls, eggs, and potions.

Pokémon GO v0.285.1 MOD APK (Menu: Teleport, Joystick & More) Download

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