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Ball Blast Cannon blitz mania

Ball Blast v2.7.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

2.7.2 by VOODOO
(0 Reviews) October 16, 2023
Ball Blast Cannon blitz mania Ball Blast Cannon blitz mania Ball Blast Cannon blitz mania Ball Blast Cannon blitz mania Ball Blast Cannon blitz mania Ball Blast Cannon blitz mania

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October 16, 2023
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You control a cannon vehicle in Ball Blast and try to blow up the balloons. As players progress through the game&s stages, they face increasingly"

You control a cannon vehicle in Ball Blast and try to blow up the balloons. As players progress through the game’s stages, they face increasingly difficult challenges. The player will drive a cannon vehicle and shoot at the balloons. Players should go to Ball Blast to prepare to concentrate. Start the party by releasing lots of balloons of different sizes. In each stage, artillery vehicles must be accelerated between checkpoints. Complete all rounds with a high score.


The publisher, VOODOO, produces the game with a cheerful tone. A variety of game styles will take players through their paces. Although the gameplay seems simple, scoring well won’t be easy. Each new area has its charm that keeps you coming back for more. Make the balloons explode with your gun to pass the game. That’s for sure: Ball Blast won’t let you down. Try your hand at countless challenging rounds in Ball Blast.

Because of the diverse, beautiful colors make the game’s aesthetic stand out. Ball Blast offers a wide range of options. Each stage will introduce a new area for players to explore. To create an idyllic atmosphere, images of meadows or hills are used. Ball Blast cares a lot about its user interface. Therefore, the gaming community now has something to look forward to. Make an impression and show off the game publisher’s creativity. From the gameplay to the aesthetics and the soundtrack, every part of the game has been fine-tuned to meet the player’s needs.


There are different levels of difficulty to master. You can win by driving a vehicle equipped with cannons and shooting balloons. The player’s task is to blow up a stream of balloons that don’t stop appearing. Some balloons in the game are large, and the player has to shoot fast to blow them up. Be very attentive so that you can quickly blow up all the balloons. The difficulty increases as you progress through the levels. The player must use the cannon vehicle to aim and shoot at each balloon. These balloons will need a lot of effort to pop up.

The player’s fingertips will control the automatic fire of the cannon vehicle. Players will get more gold if they explode more balloons. On the other hand, implementing a good scoring situation is a challenging thing. Moving balloons pose a significant challenge for players. If you let any ball fall, you lose. When a large balloon is burst, it will explode into many smaller balls. Keep shooting and take the loot. The principles of the game are simple enough that even inexperienced players will quickly master it. You have to smash the balls to minimize the number of balls at each level.


Balloons can be shot down with guns and cannons. Weapons have a terrible attack power, making them indispensable at all levels. Use and explode as many balloons as possible to increase your gold coins. After each game, there will be more items to buy. Modern weapons and cannons are available in a variety of designs. With each weapon equipped, the player will be assisted in breaking records. To dominate the scoreboard, pop the most balloons in the fastest time.

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